Recovery is defined as, “a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.” (SAMHSA, 2012)
The four major dimensions that support a life in recovery: (SAMHSA, 2012)
  1. Health
  2. Home
  3. Purpose
  4. Community

Recovery Support Services

Sage’s Army employs a team of Certified Recovery Specialists (CRS) and Certified Family Recovery Specialists (CFRS) who deliver recovery support services to individuals and family members/loved ones. Recovery support services involve the process of giving and receiving non-clinical assistance to support long-term recovery from substance use disorders or to support a family member or loved one of someone with a substance use disorder. A CRS or CFRS brings the lived experience of recovery, combined with training through the Pennsylvania Certification Board and supervision, to assist others in initiating and maintaining recovery, helping to enhance the quality of personal and family life in long-term recovery. Recovery support services can support or be an alternative to clinical treatment for substance use disorders.
Recovery Specialists walk side by side with individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorders and/or their family members and loved ones. They help people to create their own recovery plans, and develop their own recovery pathways. Recovery plans and other supports are customized, and build on each individual’s strengths, needs, and recovery goals. The unique relationship between the recovery specialist and the individual or family member/loved one is grounded in trust, and focused on providing the person with tools, resources, and support to achieve long-term recovery.
  • A Recovery Specialist provides support and walks with the person along their journey of recovery.
  • A Recovery Specialist advocates for the individual, the recovery system, recovery-oriented services and assists to identify and reduce stigma.
  • A Recovery Specialist helps connect the person to outside supports to enhance the four dimensions of recovery – Health, Home, Purpose, Community.
  • A Recovery Specialist makes outside referrals to other agencies and organizations that assist the person in their recovery process.
  • A Recovery Specialist embraces multiple pathways of recovery and harm reduction strategies.
  • A Recovery Specialist supports the person in increasing their 4 domains of recovery capital; physical, human, social, cultural. 
  • A Recovery Specialist helps to reduce barriers, supports the person while overcoming obstacles, helps to increase natural supports, and build community.
  • A Recovery Specialist maintains confidentiality at all times and follows ethical guidelines while providing services.


Recovery Specialist services are FREE of charge. 


If you are interested in connecting with one of our Recovery Specialists or would like make a referral for CRS services, please email our CRS Supervisor RoseAnn Zepeda at or call our 24/7 HelpLine at 724-863-5433.

Additional Services

  • Narcan

We always have Narcan available if you would like to begin carrying it or need to replace an expired box. If you do not know how to use Narcan, one of our staff members can assist you in learning how to properly use it in the event of an overdose. Narcan is always free of charge. Save a life! Carry Narcan!


  • Vivitrol

Through a partnership with Positive Recovery Solutions (PRS), individuals residing in Westmoreland County can receive their injection at our Greensburg Recovery Center. Vivitrol is a monthly injection used to treat alcohol dependence and prevent a recurrence of opioid use. This service does require insurance. For more information, contact Positive Recovery Solutions (844-9 PRSCARE), call our 24/7 HelpLine, or visit

Sage’s Army 24/7 HelpLine



Sage’s Army, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Carmen Capozzi following the death of his son, Sage. Sage’s Army is committed to providing a safe and inclusive recovery environment for all people.


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