Meet Our Staff

Executive Director

Carmen Capozzi

Director of Operations

Janice Olson (She/Her), AS, CRS, FPS

Janice Olson joined Sage’s Army in November 2021 as our CRS Supervisor and was promoted to the Director of Operations in 2022. Having provided peer support services for over six years in a variety of recovery & treatment settings, Janice brings to Sage’s Army a wealth of knowledge and experience working in the recovery community. With an associate’s degree in psychology and a wide variety of social services certifications, Janice is well-placed to support both people who use drugs & their loved ones. As the Director of Operations, Janice advises our dedicated team of peer support staff, collaborating with them to support our service participants with empathy and respect, with a focus on trauma-informed care.

Since joining Sage’s Army, Janice has spearheaded a variety of new services available at Sage’s Army, including our new Re-entry Program. Janice is passionate about criminal justice reform and our Re-entry Program aims to keep people on parole and probation out of jail and into appropriate treatment and/or recovery avenues. She is a firm believer in de-stigmatizing people who use drugs and the formerly incarcerated, continuing our commitment to encourage multiple pathways to recovery. Janice also coordinates our new Wednesday evening Positive Peer recreation night, where our service participants take a break from introspection to enjoy various tabletop games and food. 

Certified Recovery Specialist Supervisor

RoseAnn Zepeda (She/Her), CRS

RoseAnn joined Sage’s Army in 2022 and became our newest CRS Supervisor in January 2023. She is a Certified Recovery Specialist with experience working with peers in both inpatient and outpatient centers, along with other drug and alcohol treatment settings. RoseAnn is currently attending college for a degree in Social Work. She has a strong passion for helping people with substance use disorders. Along with her own recovery experience she wants to help make a difference in the lives of those who need extra encouragement along the way.

Business Manager

John Paul Newman (He/Him), CRS/CFRS

John joined the Sage’s Army team in August 2021 as a part-time Certified Recovery Specialist and quickly found a knack for assisting us with administrative and technical duties. He transitioned to our Administrative Assistant position after only a few months and then took over as our Business Manager when the position became available. Growing up in the Greater Philadelphia area, John saw the consequences of our society’s failed response to the opioid epidemic and the indifference shown to the economically disadvantaged. Now it is his mission to advocate for people who are often forgotten by more traditional programs of recovery, specifically the formerly incarcerated and those living in poverty. 

John is passionate about offering alternative roads to recovery, as he has experienced firsthand how a “one-size-fits-all” program can alienate people in early recovery. John is an advocate for harm reduction services and believes we need to find new ways of addressing drug use that doesn’t stigmatize, shame, or infantilize people who use drugs and instead empower them to find their own unique path to recovery.

Administrative Assistant

Shane Heckman (He/Him), CRS

Shane joined the Sage’s Army team in June of 2022, and currently holds his Recovery Specialist certification. Shane himself is a person in recovery and has worked in the field for over 2 years. Shane serves his community by educating and advocating for people who use substances and people in recovery. By doing so, he hopes to help end the stigma associated with substance use.  Shane has experienced and overcome many barriers in his early recovery, and hopes that his experiences can help individuals achieve and maintain lasting recovery and a fulfilling life without using substances, and that there are many resources within the community that can aide in their recovery.  

Event Coordinator

Ronda Wagner (She/Her)

Ronda joined the Sage’s Army team in September 2022, after working at another recovery center and developing a passion for helping those in recovery. After some experiences in her personal life with drugs and alcohol, she felt a connection and calling to help those on their path to recovery. Her exposure to drugs and alcohol addictions was through loved ones so this gave her a personal understanding to aid in supporting families. 

Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, she never realized so much help was available for recovery. Ronda realized in the midst of her trials that using her story to encourage others was a way to her healing. She was inspired to pursue a degree in Psychology and is actively a student at Liberty University. She currently has her Associate of Arts in Psychology degree and will have her Bachelors in Psychology in the Spring of 2023. She is excited to be a part of Sages Army as our newest Event Coordinator and will be the facilitator for our Thursday evening Family Group moving forward. Ronda feels she’s had a lot of support in her recovery path and is excited to give back in any way she can.

Recovery Support

Sheryl Morgan (She/Her), CRS/CFRS

Sheryl (aka Sheri) joined the Sage’s Army team in August 2021. She brings with her experience working in an inpatient treatment facility and lived experience as a person in recovery from substance use disorder and a family member of a loved one who uses drugs. Sheri is a Certified Recovery Specialist and soon to be Certified Family Recovery Specialist. She quickly discovered her passion of supporting family members who have similar experiences to her and has become our Family Relations Coordinator. She facilitates our Monday night SMART Family & Friends meeting, our Thursday night Family Group, and several other meetings throughout the week.

Working as a Recovery Specialist has become Sheri’s passion in life. She is committed to always learning and growing in her own personal recovery so that she can continue to guide folks along their own personal journey of recovery. Sheri believes that the entire family unit needs support while a loved one is actively using, so she hopes that by sharing her own personal story and connecting with people who use drugs and their family members, she will leave a lasting impact on our communities.

Recovery Support

Kristin Mull (She/Her), CRS/CFRS

Kristin joined the Sage’s Army team in November of 2022 and currently hold certifications as a Recovery Specialist and family Recovery Specialist. Kristin herself is a person in recovery and has worked in the field for over 4 years, providing guidance and support to those in need. During that time, she has seen firsthand the myriad of barriers that individuals sometimes face early in the recovery process. Kristin is an advocate of evidence-based treatment and harm reduction approaches and believes in the power of peer support. through her own experience and professional training, Kristin aims to empower others to achieve lasting recovery and lead fulfilling lives.

Recovery Support

Tony Burnsworth (He/Him), CRS/CFRS

Tony recently joined the Sage’s Army team in February of 2023. He is a person in recovery with over 2 years substance free. He looks forward to serving his peers and community. Working in this field is his way of giving back. Tony wants people to know that they can live a fulfilling life without using substances.

Recovery Support

Heaven Fondelier (She/Her), CRS/CFRS

Heaven recently joined the Sage’s Army team in May of 2023 and currently holds certifications as a Recovery Specialist, Family Recovery Specialist, and Peer Specialist.  Heaven herself is a person in recovery and has a background in the mental health field. She is excited to start working in the peer support field. Heaven is dedicated to advocating for prevention, harm reduction, and providing hope to peers in recovery. Heaven has a passion for supporting the youth and young adults in her community.

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Sage’s Army, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Carmen Capozzi following the death of his son, Sage. Sage’s Army is committed to providing a safe and inclusive recovery environment for all people.


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