Safety Last, Rachel Leigh, Neutral Loss and a musical tribute to Sage Capozzi, who died in 2012 at age 20 of substance abuse and inspired the Sage's Army cause. - March 4, 2018

The students, in partnership with addiction awareness group Sage's Army, released 174 balloons in memory of the Westmoreland County residents who died of drug overdoses in 2016. - September 11, 2017

Six years after his son's death, Capozzi welcomed the surgeon general's advisory Thursday urging more people to carry the drug, commonly called by its brand name, Narcan. - April 5, 2018

Carmen Capozzi remembers Sage standing over his brother David’s casket with tears in his eyes. “I’m never going to use drugs, Daddy.” - March 25, 2016

Carmen Capozzi, and other members of Sage's Army, now talk to kids at school assemblies, reach out to families at parades and community events, and offer a safe gathering place in Irwin. - January 22, 2016

Fist Bump Relay event on October 27 to raise awareness for the nonprofit and attempt to break a Guinness World Record. - October 14, 2016