Request a Presentation

If you would like Sage’s Army to come to your business, organization, or school, follow the steps below.

  1. Calculate the fee of the presentation (See below)
  2. Seek appropriate permissions (and funding, if applicable) to have the presentation
  3. Fill out the “Request a Presentation” form.
  4. Mail form along with payment  OR  e-mail form (withholding the payment)
  5. A Sage’s Army Representative will contact you to confirm a date & time for the presentation
  7. If the payment has not already been mailed, please send no later than the following business day.

Calculating the Fee

To calculate the fee of a presentation, you will first need to find the mileage between Irwin, PA and your location. MapQuest ( is very useful. Utilize the shortest route for mileage. Once done, use the following equation:

(Distance in Miles) – (10) = $fee

For example, if a presentation is 52 miles away from Irwin, PA, then the presentation fee would be $42.00. However, if the distance is less than 10 miles away, there is no fee for the presentation.

Presentation Setup

In order to have a high quality presentation, Sage’s Army requests to have the following services/items available:

  • High-speed internet access (with the Sage’s Army website unblocked)
  • A Digital Projector (with a VGA connection)
  • A 3.5mm (1/8”) audio connection with sound system capable of producing sound loud enough for all participants to hear
  • Power connection
  • Microphones (1 needed; 2 recommended)